Friday, March 21, 2014

Living Room Ideas

Happy Friday!!! It's snowing here! Grrrrr I thought it was Spring??? Here's to positive thinking Spring will arrive soon.

While we are stuck inside I started brain storming about our Living Room. Right now our living room feels a little thrown together. We have some permanent pieces, like the couch and tv stand, but everything else can go (or at least I feel like it can/should go). I have been seeing pieces I like all over town/web. So today I decide to start putting them together to see if I really liked them together.  I'm the queen of buying something I like to find out it doesn't really go with anything once I get home. I need to see the big picture. I love so many different styles but can't commit to one style completely. I have commit phoebe (well it least to home decor)!!!  I like a room that looks like it was put together over time.

The one thing  I know we want our living room to be kid and family friendly. I hate going to someone's house that I'm afraid to sit down because of the uncomfortable furniture or where they have white furniture. Toddlers are not clean humans and they WILL spill their juice get play-doh on the carpet and finger prints everywhere. I wanted to come up with a kid friendly space that can take a beating. If you have kids you know what I mean. Here is what I'm envisioning.

What do you think? Any suggestions for kid friendly pieces? 

UPDATE ---- I'm doing a little spring cleaning on the blog. You may of notice slight format changes and the background missing. I want to fix some bugs and freshen up around here. Hoping to make the necessary changes in the next few weeks or month.  Thanks for the patience.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dreaming of Master Bedrooms

I have been dreaming about updating our master bedroom. We don't have plans since we have 1000 + other projects to finish.  Considering we are the only ones that really see our room it's just not a priority.  But a girl can day dream, right? 

I'm currently loving blues, corals and grays to together. And check out that light fixture. I'm drooling. I honestly rather have a ceiling fan in our room, so it wouldn't work in our master bedroom. I thinking it would be great in our dinning room. Hmm, wonder if hubby will agree? What have you been day dreaming of lately?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Year of the Porch

A few weeks ago I told my husband this is the "Year of the Porch".  We eat on our back porch almost every day in the nicer weather. We visit with family and friends on that porch. And honestly it was one of the main reasons we purchased the house. We loved the porch. I would show you a picture but at the moment its a MESS. My husband is off work tomorrow and promised to clean up. I will try and post a picture soon. But trust me it's a great space.

Two summers ago we purchased this love seat and matching dinning table from Lowes. Sorry it's no longer sold by Lowes. We got it on a clearance sale and save some big $$$.

I'm not a huge fan of the green pillows or side pillows (they feel dated to me) but liked everything else and knew that can be changed at a later date. I'm not changing the love seat cushions this summer (unless I find a crazy sale, but I plan to do it someday). 

 So I decided to work with what I got and of course a few new accessories. Here is what I came up with.

Doesn't it make you want to sit down with a ice tea and good book? We currently own the coffee table and green love seat (as mentioned above). I also have the aqua side table that I purchased at craft store last summer for $30.00.  The rest of the items will have to be purchased.  Everything is from Target's Threshold Line (LOVE that line) expect the pillows, they are Lowes. Click on the pictures above to find your favorite item.

Hopefully hubby gives me the green light and I will be out shopping soon. After all spring is just around the corner.

What do you think? Do you plan on stopping over for visit and a beer? Hope so! 

Happy Almost Spring!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

House Shaped Cabinet

As promised I wanted to share the project that inspired the closet nook. While looking for items/ideas for baby girls big girl room I found this adorable cabinet on Etsy from thislittlehouseuk

I feel in love immediately. How adorable is this little shelf!!! Unfortunately the seller does not ship to the United States (insert my sad face here). I couldn't find a similar one on line either. When I showed my husband he said we can make that. At first I laughed a little - well to be honest we like to DIY but building items from scratch is not our thing. Lol - oh we have tired and tired and failed. But he seemed confident we could do this so we decided to give it a try. 

While he went off to purchase the wood I purchased the scrapbook paper from Tuesday Morning.  Tuesday morning sells scrapbook paper much cheaper than most craft stores. They have a limited supply so you may or may not find what you like. 

While baby girl napped, here is what we came up with.

 And a close up.

Baby girl has been in love with her little book shelf. She puts her care bears and princesses in there daily and they use the top of the house as a slide (I love her imagination). I apologize I didn't document the progress of building this because we kinda figured it out as we went and we really aren't great at building.  I'm sure I would of end up confusing you.

If you really want to build one on your own, I will share a tip.  After we built this house we made a trip to Ikea and we found wood silverware draws that would of been a perfect starting off point instead of building this was scratch. So maybe you could start there. All you would need to do is add a roof (if the house shape is desired) and scrapbook paper. Hope that helps!

If you decided to create one of your own, please share with us. Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Closet Nook

Hello, I'm super excited today to share the little project I have been working on for baby girls big girl room. I wanted her to have a special place to read and play in her room. 

Ever since she started walking she would play in the closets. She would go in and pull the doors shut and play with her books and dolls or pull clothes off the rack. I knew when she got older she need a closet nook. Fortunately she had a double closet in her room and she really doesn't need both sides for clothes. One side was used for storing baby related items. Since she isn't a baby anymore, I moved all those items to the guest room aka the future-someday-hopefully 2nd babies room. 

For weeks I struggled with what I wanted the closet nook to look like. I knew I wanted toy storage, book storage, and a comfy bench with lots of pillows. But I had no idea what to do with the blank white wall. I knew I wanted something with pattern, but didn't want to spend a small fortune on wall treatment. Every wallpaper pattern I fell in love with was too much $$$. I couldn't find a wall decal I liked. I searched high and low for a thick wrapping paper that could be used as wall paper. But couldn't find exactly what I wanted. Than inspiration hit. I purchased scrape book paper for a different project (soon to be shared). I was sorting thru the paper and was like I should glue this to the wall in her closet for an adorable patchwork quilt look. And let me tell you it's adorable. Take a look yourself ----

Here is a before shot (boring) - 

Here is the after

We love it and most importantly she LOVES it.  We decided against building a bench and purchased a TV stand from Ikea that was the perfect height to use in the closet. I found the adorable storage bins at Home Goods that fit like a glove for toys and puzzles. A few Ikea spice racks make the perfect book storage. I still want to make or purchase a bench cushion for added comfort and want to hang a sunburst mirror I have in the closet. It needs painted first and since the weather is freezing here all spray paint projects are on hold for a while (spring please hurry up). 

So what do you think, are you in love with the scrape book paper wall as I am? I'm hoping she will have many years of fun in there. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Printables for Big Girl Room

Lots and lots of stuff is going on around here. First we all have horrible colds. Will winter ever end??? While sick we have been working out our credit cards purchasing all the necessary and not so necessary items for baby girls big girl room. She is 2 1/2 and ready to move out of her crib. Yikes my baby isn't a baby anymore. When did that happen?

I'm hoping to share the big room details soon. Still working everything out in my head and on paper. Speaking of paper, I know I want to do a Gallery wall and want some fun printables to add to the walls. But since we have already gone a little over board with our purchases I need to find some FREE art.  I have been looking around Pinterest and Google for some free printables. Here are my favorites. 

 And this adorable print was meant to be a note pad, but I think it would be a great printable that you could personalize yourself. 

 And last by not least, is one of my favorite pieces of art work I want for baby girls room, but it's not free, so I will just be drooling over it for now. 

For sources and direct links visit my Pinterest page.  I love artist who share their prints for free and I also like the ones who charge.  It's a talent I do not have and love that their are people out there making us beautiful prints to enjoy. So thank you to all wonderful artist out there.

Wishing you a warm and fun weekend.