Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Time

We took the baby to the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago and picked out some pumpkins.

 Their's our little pumpkin posing with some pumpkins.

After a week of being lazy due to a cold, I decorate one the pumpkins.

To make this pumpkin, all you need is a pumpkin (I used a white pumpkin, you could spray paint yours), some buttons, glue gun, black spray paint and ribbon.

 I laid out the buttons on cardboard and spray painted them black. Then glued them on. Add a ribbon for fun. Super easy and a fun project for the kids.

I than took a little pumpkin and spray painted it white and add a rubber spider from the dollar store.

Note this design doesn't fair well to rain. Keep in on the porch or in a window.

I have a few more pumpkins to decorate, I hope to try and get to them this weekend. Please send me your pumpkin creations.

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