Monday, November 28, 2011

Updating X-Mas Decorations

We started putting up our Christmas decorations. As we were unpacking the boxes of decorations I found a few items that were a little dated. So so I gave them a little makeover to modernize them.

A scary Elf. The cat was even checking him out.

And a bronze Christmas tree. I liked the tree, but it was a little too dark.

Here they are after spray painting and glitter.

A little glitter and spray paint (or a lot of spray paint for the elf)  made some chic holiday decorations.  Do you have any sad holiday decorations, like hand-me-downs from Grandma that could use a make over?  I would love to see them - email me at or leave a comment with a link to your blog.


  1. Fabulous transformations! They look SO much better. Great job!

  2. Congrats on your feature at BetterAfter. She is a Qt now ;) Welcome to blogging. I am following you now. If you facebook, come visit me at
    It's a great way to have readers come and visit your blog. Merry Xmas

  3. This morning I curated a "DIY Ceramic Animal Hall of Fame" collection (obviously, just my humble opinions) and this made the list! Obviously, not everything on the list is very “ceramic-y” but they are all adorable. I love how this elf turned out! My apologies though, I know an elf isn’t an animal… but I did want to include it. The post is here: