Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Top 10

1. Last night for Dinner I used Shake N Bake Buffalo to make chicken fingers - and I'm in love. It's just the right amount of spicy and super yummy.

2. Baby girl is 6 months old and 16lbs! Holy cow where did the time go? She is getting bigger and cuter every day.

3. Yesterday I cleaned the kitchen and it took half a day (lots of baby breaks). It has been MONTHS since we seen our counter top. I hate our counter top so much I'm half tempted to cover it up with junk again...ha ha.

4. We are starting our taxes? Two house (one a rental), new baby, school loans, and lots more for hubby to figure out. Thank god I'm on baby duty. 

5. We went to Ikea over the weekend and we only purchased a picture frame and a storage container. So unlike us! Husband had nothing to put together when we got home.

6. My 17 nephew got his licenses last week. When did I get so old?

7. I'm thinking of making curtains out of a shower curtain? Has anyone does this? Cheesy or Genius? 

8. I have the winter blues like crazy. I'm dreaming of sunny skies!

9. I haven't thougth of a Valentine gift yet for hubby or baby girl. Any ideas? But we do have our traditional Valentine Day dessert plan (more to come).

10. I'm hitting up thrift stores today for some picture frames for Bathroom Art. Wish me luck. 


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